imagesThe Mix Master was born March 12, 196? at one of Atlanta’s famous historic sites–no, not the Varsity!-the world-renowned Grady Hospital (yes, he’s a “Grady Baby!”), and developed an early love of music.

“Music was all around me,” says Mix Master, recalling his folks’ Friday-night card parties with tuna fish and crackers. “My parents loved music! And you can’t forget those 45s. Man, that was IT!”

From Bankhead to Buckhead, from Hunter Street to Sewell Road (gotta be from the A-T-L to know that), Mix Master has been in the KISS family since 1995. Being a D. J. entertaining crowds with his custom mixes has always been his biggest love, from the early days at Southwest High School to the later days at B. E. Mays High.

“To have people come up to me after a wedding reception or a party and say, ‘Mix Master, you’re a bad boy,’ means a lot,” says Mitch, who gives his all no matter how big the party. “No matter if it’s two people or 25,000…those two people will tell 25,000 if you didn’t give them a great show!”

The Mix Master gives several people credit for launching his radio career, including his cousin, Si-Man Baby! He also remains grateful and gives a BIG shout-out to Program Director Kris McClendon (“Captain Kris, rest in peace, my man”) for believing in him and his abilities.

Finally, Mix Master always wants to thank everyone for their support…from the live parties to the Flashback Festivals and every event in between! He also appreciates all the PDs, On-Air Personalities, Promotion Directors and Account Managers who’ve touched his career.